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Dragon City Fan Comic 29 by Keyotea Dragon City Fan Comic 29 by Keyotea
Traducción española por Reverso

Teléfono móvil: Chicago


Rachel: ¿Es este Joseph?
Keyotea: Si.
Rachel: Esto es Rachel Parrity. ¿Ha visto usted Erin?

Keyotea: No recientemente. ¿Por qué pregunta usted?

Rachel: Erin ha ido omitiendo, ella me dijo que ella se llamaría anoche pero, ella no hizo.

Keyotea: Por lo que sé que ella fue quemada en el casino de sol ... ellos probablemente no hicieron la tarjeta ella porque ella no parece menor de edad.

Rachel: ¿Tienen usted el miedo de murciélagos?

Keyotea: El No .. que es una pregunta extraña. ¿Por qué pregunta usted?

It has been a while since I did one of these. In this one Erin has somehow gone missing so her mother calls me to find out what happened. I don't have a clue either so she asked me if I was afraid of bats. Seriously? Bats? That is a laugh. seems that some of you are in the dark. Since I saw an animal show as a kid I learned that bats are misunderstood animals since the introduction of Dracula. There are lots of phoney rumors about bats so, I will set some records straight.
First I will say that not all bats are vampires...I will admit that there are over 100 kinds of bats but, only three kinds are (none are native to the US).
Some people think that bats like to get tangled in other people's hair but, that is an old wife's tale. Who wants to get tangled up in hair anyway?
Also people think bats are blind, which is false...they have decent eyesight but, when there are times when they can't see they use echolocation to recognize their surroundings (whales and dolphins use it also).
In addition I actually encountered a bat in my grandma's laundry and I thought that it was cute. So I released it outside.
As usual Dragon City belongs to :iconsameth03:
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May 1, 2012
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